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We do not remove or install plumbing fixtures, but can provide you with the names of reliable plumbers.

What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a composite material made up of resins and fillers. Unlike laminate which is basically chemical treated paper that is glued to particle board, Solid Surface is the same material all the way through the sheet. It is acrylic, polyester, or a blend of the two materials that is filled with a metal derivative to add color and performance properties.

This combination allows Solid Surface to be shaped and formed into your vision in ways that granite and other materials can’t even come close to. Additionally, this product can be buffed countless times to look like new again, and provide years and years of service.

Isn’t granite better?

Granite isn’t better or worse, it’s just different. Granite is beautiful but it is porous and needs plenty of your attention to look good. A sealer must be applied at least once a year and even with this, liquids will soak in. You can think of granite like a sponge that you can’t wring out. Once something gets in, it’s hard to get it out.

What Is Corian®?

The original solid surface material invented by DuPont over 40 years ago, it is a solid surface material, neither coated nor laminated, very durable and mold resistant. It can be routed, cut and sculpted for seamless looks bounded only by imagination. The color pallete now exceeds 120 colors, many with unique qualities.  25 shades are SCS certified to include at least 6-13% of recycled content.  By renewing and reusing Corian solid surfacing you are not adding to the landfills.

How Does Corian® Differ from Other Materials?

Corian® is easier to clean with its non-porous surface and invisible seams. Corian® is a perfect material for large countertops thanks to non visible seams that can not be detected by the necked eye. Corian® scratches are easy to repair (minor cuts and scraches by homeowner him/her self), and even chips and cracks are repairable. No need to reseal as needed in case of natural stone materials. Best of all, unlike stone, it is bateria and mold resistant.

What types of finishes are offered?

There are three finish choices, with different recommendations and attributes:

  *Matte   * Semigloss    *High Gloss
What is Engineered Stone?
Engineered Stone is also known as Quartz.  It consists of about 93% quartz crystals, extremely hard minerals that resist scratches.  It never needs sealing, polishing or reconditioning.  It’s nonporous and easy to clean, so it doesn’t support the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.  You get the natural beauty of stone with the easy care of solid surfaces.  Some of the brands we carry are HanStone, Cambria®, and Zodiaq®.
Is it true that Corian® sinks and lavatories stain easily ?

Like any other sink it will get stained. Use Soft Scrub® and green Scotch-Brite® pad to remove residue.Rub green Scotch-Brite® pad over entire sink to blend in finish. Desinfecting with bleach (1 part water/1 part bleach )occasionaly is recomended. Let stand for 15min , wash sides and bottom as solution drains. Rinse.

How do I Clean Corian®?

Any type of ammonia-based cleaner or soapy water can be used. Scratches can be repaired using care instructions and supplies provided in care kits, provided to all our customers.  We also sell several products that clean and shine your countertops.

Can I place a hot pot directly on Corian®?

We do not recommend placing a hot pot directly on Corian® or other solid surface materials.  Although Corian® remains stable and undamaged in temperatures up to 212ºF (100ºC), high heat or flame will damage Corian®. In most cases this can be repaired. To protect your Corian® from heat damage, always use a hot pad or a trivet with rubber feet when using hot pots or heat-generating appliances like frying pans or electric cooking pots.  We sell heat rods that can be inserted in selected areas of your countertop.  Come in and see one in our display room.

Why are solid surfaces a good value?

The beauty, durability, and long-term performance of solid surfaces make them an exceptional value for any environment. They are solid throughout and can withstand most of the challenges of daily use. The countertops can be easily refinished to their original appearance if the surface is nicked, cut, marred or scratched. As a result, they will retain their original beauty for many years to come and replacement may be required less frequently.

How can I add custom touches?

There are many options to achieve unique designs. Corian® can be inlaid with materials such as wood, steel, glass, granite or other colors of Corian®. Matching Corian® sinks can add both beauty and durability to any design. And a wide variety of edge treatments can be accomplished with Corian®.

Do you sell other solid surface products?
There are a number of other companies that make solid surface materials, including Mystera® and Staron®.  Visit our showroom to see our displays and sample colors.
What size projects can you handle?

We can take care of everything from a single cutting board to a 90,000 square foot wall application. We’ve done it all. If you need Solid Surface, you’ve come to the right place. Please Contact Us for assistance.

How do I get a quote?

We’re here to help.  Call our main office at 707-442-5918. If you have a drawing, plans, or cabinet layouts, please feel free to fax them to our office at 707-442-8406.