HCS looks forward to the opportunity of fabricating and installing your countertops.

We understand that you may not be familiar with the process so we have put together this guideline for you:

Request a quote
Supply us with a floor plan, drawing or sketch with dimensions and we will generate a written bid. Our prices include tax and installation. Once you have decided to have Humboldt Countertops and Surfacing proceed with your project, we will collect a 10% deposit.    Information Request Form



Schedule the job
The installation requires scheduling two dates; one for measuring and one for installation. If you are purchasing new cabinets, we recommend that you schedule your job when you order the cabinets.
•  Cabinets should be completely installed before we come to measure. If any changes are made after measuring, the tops will not fit properly.
•  The cabinets should be level within an eighth of an inch over a ten foot length.
•  Sinks, dishwasher, cooktop or range, and faucets should all be on site at the time of measurement to ensure proper installation.
•  It is a good idea to be at the job site during measurement. This is your opportunity to give us input on details, and confirm color, edge treatment and splash details.
The size and complexity of your project will determine the amount of time for fabrication. However, most kitchen projects will be completed within 7 -10 working days after measuring. Quartz jobs and those with more custom work may take a few days longer. We realize that you will be anxious to have your project completed quickly, and we therefore strive to work as quickly as possible. There are often several projects moving through the shop simultaneously and occasionally there are delays. We pride ourselves in the high quality of work we do, and will not cut corners just to meet a deadline. The beauty of your project will be worth the wait.
Humboldt Countertops installers strive to minimize the mess and inconvenience to the customer. You will want to remove contents from the cabinets and other areas in the room to protect them. We may ask for some space in the garage or on the patio to complete some of the “messy” parts of the installation. Although we use tarps, dust collectors and vacuums to protect your floors and cabinets, you should expect that there will be some dust in the house. (Link to Countertop Installation Checklist.pdf)


The balance is due upon substantial completion or delivery. We accept payment by check, Visa, Mastercard, or even cash!