The newest product, Engineered Stone (often referred to as Quartz), has the look of granite, without the drawbacks. The product is 93%-94% solid quartz, which has been ground up, mixed with a bonding agent, and formed back into a solid material that is in many cases harder than granite and DOES NOT NEED TO BE SEALED. Some of the products we have available are Zodiaq®, HanStone®, Cambria® and Silestone®. Products from other manufacturers may be available upon request.


These products are available in a wide variety of  colors and patterns and a number of edge treatment choices. With engineered stone, the best sink option is usually an undermount sink. Sinks cannot be seamed in, but can be undermounted for a smooth counter surface. Seams are fused together, but not completely invisible like those on solid surface countertops. Engineered stone does not scratch as easily as solid surface materials, but damage is more difficult to repair. The materials are impervious to bacteria, and meet USDA standards for food preparation areas.
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Benefits of Engineered Stone

•Granite look
•Stain resistant
•Sealed seams
•Consistent colors

Drawbacks of Engineered Stone

•Seams more visible than Solid Surface 
•Difficult and expensive to repair or refinish 
•Coved backsplash or seamed in sinks not available