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Laminate countertops are the economical way to upgrade your kitchen, bath or work space. Colors and patterns are almost limitless, ranging from solid colors to patterns that mimic wood, metal, stone or fabric. Manufacturers of laminates include Formica®, Nevamar® and WilsonArt®. The upgrades available in laminates can provide you with a high end countertop appearance while keeping within your budget.  For the quickest turn around time, see our in-stock colors at the bottom of the page.

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The laminate is a photograph adhered to a backing and covered with a clear, protective plastic coating. This laminate is usually applied to particle board to form the countertop. There are a number of ways we can customize these countertops for your application

The Front Edge treatment for laminate countertops comes in three choices: post-formed, self edge, or applied edge.

Post-formed edges have the laminate surface flowing down over the front edge for a seamless look

Self-edge treatments apply a piece of laminate to the front edge, leaving a square edge and a slightly visible seam. Applied edges are decorative edges that matches or contrasts with the laminate top. It can be made of wood, solid surface material or laminate. The applied edge offers a variety of edge styles.
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The part of the countertop that meets the wall is called the Backsplash. It protects the wall and keeps water from getting to the particle board beneath the laminate. Backsplashes can be of any height, often extending up to the bottom of upper cabinets. These backsplashes can be coved or set-on.

Coved backsplashes are seamless. The laminate surface flows from the countertop up the face of the backsplash and onto the top ledge for a seamless look. This edge is less prone to chipping or water damage than the other edges.

Set-on backsplashes are made separately and then glued to the countertop. They have a square edge at the top of the splash where the two pieces of laminate meet, and at the bottom where the splash meets the countertop. The seam where the splash and countertop meet should be caulked to ensure a watertight joint.

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Sinks cannot be seamed into the laminate countertop, so a self-rimming sink is usually dropped into the counter and caulked for a water tight seal.  While the seams on laminate countertops are fit tightly and caulked, they are still visible. If the surface is damaged, repairs are usually not possible.

Benefits of laminate countertops

•Least expensive choice

•Large selection of patterns and colors

Drawbacks of Laminate

•   Scratches cannot be repaired

•    Surface can wear out from abrasive use

For quick turn around time,

choose from these IN-STOCK colors.


Colors left to right:  Fresco – Neutral Glace – Beige Pampas – Mystic Mount – Mystic Dusk – Grey Glace – Mesa Verde – Ebony Fusion – Bronzed Fusion

Note:  Colors may look slightly different on the computer.  Come into our display room to see actual samples.