The first choice in surfacing products for consumers looking for quality, performance, beauty and design choice is the group of materials referred to as Solid Surfacing. Some of these products are Corian®, Avonite®, Hi-Macs®, Gibraltar®, Staron®, Mystera®. These materials provide you with the greatest design options and are used not only for kitchen counters, but also spa decks, tub and shower enclosures, table tops and commercial work spaces. Be sure to check out more photos in the residential and commercial projects section.

These materials can be cut, bent, heat-formed, carved or milled to conform to any shape and design.

Sinks can be seamed in, making them
an integral part of the counter.
Drain boards can be routed into the
area around the sink, and custom inlays can be added to match your décor.
Seams are barely discernable, and any scratches or damaged area can be repaired, bringing the surface back to its original look.

Seam Repair - Before

Seam Repair - After

The materials are impervious to bacteria, and meet USDA standards for food preparation areas.

Benefits of Solid Surface

•Low maintenance
•Invisible seams
•Endless design possibilities

Drawbacks of Solid Surface

•Scratches easier than stone
•Costs more than Laminate
•Dark colors show scratches more than light colors